Orthopaedics - Details

The architecture of the foot skeleton is fascinating because of its practicality and economic structure. Thus, the wearing of supportive footwear is extremely important.

orthotech1 If you already suffer from foot problems, a function-oriented solution for your particular foot ailment should be adapted. Many complaints arise from poor posture and impractical footwear; they can be eliminated through functional and elegant solutions.

For normal ready-made shoes, so-called " orthopaedic modifications” can be made. These include, for example, butterfly soles. If you feel a pressing pain in the forefoot, under the second, third or fourth toe, this implies a form of clubfoot, which can be relieved by the butterfly sole. Another orthopaedic shoe dressing is the one-sided shoe lift, which can be prescribed for people with different leg lengths. Furthermore, among the many orthopaedic shoe possibilities, are soft pads, buffer heels, shoe outer-edge increases, ball soles and many more.

If neither inlays or shoe modifications seem to help you, there is the possibility of the individual and functional production of orthopaedic shots. You can take part deciding on the core appearance of your shoes and overall share in the design process.

We have been in business for 20 years, and for 20 years we have been followed by that loud clattering sound of crutches, which having been used by their user with care and sensitivity are then simply leaned on the wall. The sound itself is interrupting, disturbing, alarming and destructive. Then, the crutches scattered in a chaotic arrangement become space constricting and impractical. As a logical consequence, we developed the crutch stand (utility model name: 203 06 556.5), named "Kruckofix"

orthotech4 The Kruckofix system is an accessory that prevents the noisy falling of crutches. The soft foam of Kruckofix absorbs the angle of impact, of the crutch rested on the wall, so that a spring0back is prevented. The crutch can be leaned against the smoothest walls, mirrors or glass doors without need for attention.

The straight tail-edge of the Kruckofix allows the tilt of the crutch on the wall to a safe stand, even though it was simply "let go of" by its user.

The adhesive application of the Kruckofix on your under-arm supporting crutch is quick and easy. Due to the minimum weight and the small outer dimensions the use of the crutch is not made difficult or restricted in any way.

To sum up, don't forget: Kruckofix - nothing rattles!

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