Diagnosis and Therapy (arthritis)

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Diagnosis in the knee joint reflection



Diagnosis in the knee joint reflection



In our practice, we give conservative treatment preference wherever possible.

  • Manual therapy is regularly used first, often in combination with acupuncture, in order to optimise the function of the diseased joint, the following treatments then fall on much more fertile ground. We then carry out a series of physiotherapy strengthening therapies, to allow a good muscular joint control. Painful trigger points near the joints can also be treated.
  • Especially with degenerative joint disease of the lower extremities and the spine, we can cushion the mechanical shock when walking with soft heel foot beds and buffing foot lifts.
  • arthrose5To enable the most favourable possible environment for the cartilage in the joint, a sufficient inflammation obstruction should be used: available are nocturnal paste envelopes (e.g. Enelbin), ointment bandages (e.g. Arnica), vegetable enzymes (nettle extract) and non-plant (e.g. AHP200, Voltaren) substances for oral use and in very sensitive cases, joint injections Neyarthros / Neychondrin (a natural homeopathic elixir) or cortisone.
  • For cartilage degradation, we recommend the oral intake of cartilage components (e.g. Dona 200 S), furthermore hyaluronic acid injection treatments: Hyaluronic acid is, due to its very high viscosity, a very good lubricant in the joint, on the other hand it is also a component and ingredient of cartilage. It is now possible to fortuity the body's natural anti-inflammatory substances in the laboratory and inject them into a diseased joint (Orthokine).
  • In order to increase the metabolism in the cartilage tissue, we use Signal Therapy (PTST / Trigon Pulsed Signal Therapy or MBST / Magnetic Resonance Therapy), pain and complication free treatment that we have used successfully for years.

arthrose6Pulsed magnetic fields cause an increase in metabolic activity in the cartilage tissue.
For more than 20 years, three-dimensional pulsating bioelectric fields have been examined for their effectiveness in biological tissue, to find suitable applications. By using the pulsed bioelectric signals on the joint and the articular cartilage, the metabolic processes should be affected. The electric field belonging to every joint affects connective tissue and cartilage, and can activate healing process. Especially after injury and in cases of osteoarthritis and back pain, the body's natural biological healing process is disturbed, through PTST-Treatment.

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